Lemon Cupcakes in a Jar 6oz


Just like lemonade is the all-time classic drink, our lemon cupcakes in a jar are now the all-time classic dessert from Baked Cravings. 

For this wonderful creation, we bake fresh lemon cupcakes from the finest ingredients we can source, and we layer them in a mason jar with vanilla buttercream icing to top it off. 

This treat will leave you with a pleasantly tangy and smooth, refreshing taste in your mouth. 

Surprise someone special, or give yourself the treat you deserve, with these delectable jars of pure bliss! 

Served in a handy 6oz mason jar you can reuse for added value. 

And all of our treats are 100% nut-free.

Note:  Top frosting only used for the photo.  The jar levels are as follows from bottom to top.  Cake, Frosting and Cake.


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