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Visit Us : 1673 Lexington Ave NYC.  

Call Us: 844-NY-BAKED (844-692-2533)

Our Story

Baked Cravings started when founders Craig Watson and Rui Kojima met while working in a world renown bakery in New York City. Wanting to share their love for cupcakes, they have partnered with bakery manager, Edwin Figueroa to create delectable pastries that will have one CRAVING for more!

As fathers, Craig and Rui understood the severity of nut allergies. To create desserts accessible for children to enjoy in schools, Baked Cravings have dedicated themselves to build and maintain a nut-free facility. Using only the highest quality ingredients sourced from nut-free vendors, following strict packing processes and conducting regular tests to provide pastries for children to enjoy and parents to trust.  

Founded in 2017, Baked Cravings offers their delicious pastries nationwide hoping to satisfy the CRAVINGS of many one at a time!

About Craig Watson

After many years in the financial sector helping companies become profitable and navigate through the world of not just running a business but making sound business decisions. Craig has decided that the love of baking and passion of owning a successful business would be great in the “You Crave’em We Bake’em”  World.

About Rui Kojima

As a young father, Rui Kojima spends much of his time daydreaming on how to become the "coolest" dad. Also with a deep passion of e-commerce, it wasn't until Craig approached him to open a bakery he had a light bulb moment! To have the opportunity to obtain a deeper understanding of e-commerce by becoming a business owner while being able to host the greatest parties with personalized cakes for his daughter's birthdays. Now he just has to wait for his daughter to start attending school to claim the title of coolest dad!