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Delivery to Northern New Jersey (Bergen County)

After many request we have started our messenger delivery program to Bergen County, New Jersey.  That's right select parts of Bergen County can order online and we will deliver by messenger to your door, school, hospital or worksite.  

The program will only work through community ordering so lets share some helpful information.

1.  What zip codes are included?     

2.  What days/Time are for delivery? 

  • Tuesday and Thursdays our window is currently 11am to 3pm

3.  What can be ordered online?

  • Lucky you, EVERYTHING that's available on our website can be ordered.

4. I need treats for a specific time but the delivery window is too wide?

  • We would suggest taking receipt of your treats on the first available day.  Our treats will remain fresh up to week if placed in the refrigerator and up to 3 weeks in a freezer.

5. How much is messenger delivery from NYC?

  • The reason we have two delivery days and a condensed delivery window is to keep delivery fees low, by having multiple orders we can lower the cost.  Currently we have an estimate of $8.95 per address.

6. Is there a minimum order requirement?

  • No there is no minimum order requirement.




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