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It is evident that cupcakes are regarded in high esteem, considering all of the many wonders associated with their existence. Whether you're eating homemade cupcakes which you consider the best cupcakes ever or even a store-bought treat, cupcakes is a food practice that satisfies even the sourest of individuals. Eat a cupcake, and you will certainly consider this sweet delight one of the best treats to eat at any time

When thinking of weddings or wedding cakes, the two words that come to mind are beautiful & elegant. On the other hand, when thinking of birthdays, baby showers, or graduation cakes, the words fun or cute come to mind. There's just something fun or special about having your mini-cake. They are ideally suited for all occasions

You may be thinking, who cares what it looks like, will it taste good? The answer is, Yes! Generally speaking, any flavor or type of cake can also be baked as cupcakes. It is not uncommon for a stacked or tiered cake to have two or three different flavors, but this is where cupcakes can have a significant advantage. With cupcakes, one would be more easily able to offer a larger variety of flavors. Also, cupcakes can make it much easier to identify the different flavors than with a standard cake. Plus, there is no waiting to get to the flavor on the bottom; and who wants to deal with all that mess from cutting and serving?

Speaking of mess, which one of the two would be easier to serve? In this, I am sure cupcakes are hands down, the winner. There is no need to have someone cut and serve, no waiting for all the pieces to be cut, no need to worry about cutting the right size or number of pieces, also no need for dessert plates & forks. Cupcakes make it easy for your guests to serve themselves. They could even be placed individually at everyone's seat, making cupcakes a great wedding or party favor for your guests. Still, some prefer a smaller center cake or cupcake display at each table. This idea can be a money-saver because it eliminates the need for a floral centerpiece on each table. You can quickly pack cupcake and send home with family and friends; that is if there are any left!

This brings us to one final question. Which of the two is cheaper? Unfortunately, the answer to this is tough. Here are a few variables to take into account when figuring up the cost for either. How many servings do you need? What does your baker/caterer charge per cupcake? What do they charge per slice of cake? Do they charge more for a variety of flavors? How do you want your guests to be served? How do you want to display your cake or cupcakes? Can you rent a cake or cupcake stand? Would it be economical to purchase a cake or cupcake stand? In reality, cupcakes are cheaper with the same satisfaction.

However, unless one has experience in cake decorating, most would probably find it a lot easier to decorate cupcakes than to assemble and decorate a tiered cake. In short, it all boils down to your choice.  

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