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Baked Cravings Partners with Amazon Fresh

Baked Cravings Partners with Amazon Fresh


Baked Cravings Nut- and Peanut-Free Baked Goods Now Available on Amazon Fresh
Initial offerings on Amazon include flavors from the cupcakes in a jar line

NEW YORK—April 26, 2021—Baked Cravings has partnered with Amazon Fresh to offer its nut-free, peanut-free baked goods nationwide. The initial offerings will include a select few flavors from the popular cupcakes in a jar line. The partnership is in conjunction with Amazon’s efforts to support Black-owned businesses.

Baked Cravings can now be delivered through Amazon Fresh within two hours. Amazon Fresh currently operates several delivery warehouses across the United States, and purchases items directly from Baked Cravings.

“This incredible partnership can lead to more wholesale accounts as Baked Cravings scales to meet growing demand,” said Craig Watson, Founder and CEO of Baked Cravings.

Baked Cravings is a Black-owned bakery and a Best of Manhattan award winner in 2019 and 2020. The bakery offers 100 percent peanut and tree-nut free baked goods in-store and offers nationwide shipping. 

The success of Baked Cravings has captured the attention of several TV networks and streaming services, as it was featured on NBC News in November 2020 and in New York Magazine in September 2020.

“Baked Cravings focuses on delectable cupcakes, an extensive selection of cupcakes in a jar, a myriad of cookie choices, brownies and custom cakes. The bakery’s alcohol-infused cupcakes in a jar became an overnight sensation and a go-to favorite. Customers can also design their own cupcakes and order custom logo cookies for corporate gifting,” said Watson.

As a father, Watson understands the severity of nut allergies. To create desserts accessible for children to enjoy in school, Baked Cravings is dedicated to building and maintaining a nut-free facility using only the highest quality ingredients sourced from nut-free vendors, following strict packing processes, and conducting regular tests to provide pastries for children to enjoy and parents to trust. 

Cupcakes in a jar are currently offered in three flavors – chocolate, vanilla and lemon. Craver cupcakes in a jar come in the flavors cookies and cream, red velvet cupcake, confetti deluxe, carrot and vegan apple cinnamon. For a gluten-free option, choose strawberry shortcake or vanilla caramel. The line of infused cupcakes in a jar is offered with Patron xo café-infused tiramisu, Jack Daniels, Cognac and caramel vodka. The gluten-free-infused flavor is strawberry-mango vodka.

Cupcakes in a jar have a shelf life of three days and can be frozen to extend the shelf life for up to three months. When frozen, thaw them for four hours before serving. Baked Cravings offers a complete ingredient list on the website.

In addition to cupcakes in a jar, Baked Cravings also offers bald cupcakes, cakes, custom cakes, naked cakes, cookies and gourmet popcorn, as well as gift and holiday ideas.

Amazon Fresh is a subsidiary that functions as a grocery delivery service. It is currently available in most major U.S. cities

For more information, visit or order an award-winning baked treat through Amazon Fresh.

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