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About Cupcakes

About Cupcakes

Can you think there is someone who does not enjoy cupcakes? Everyone from young to old cannot resist the sweet treats it gives, the response to that question should be apparent. Cupcakes are so loved by most people all around because they are delectable and sweet, along with being small and personal. There is nothing like having a dessert that has been made just for you tasteful delight.

Brief History of Cupcakes

In the 19th century, the cupcake was called and referred to as “number cakes." That name was used based on the truth that, this modest size cake was counted based on how many cups required for the necessary ingredients. The source of the later name cupcakes was chiefly because of the container in which the cakes were baked. Tin, Ramekins or small clay cups were said to have comprised the essential ingredients for cupcakes upon their initiation. Along the line, due to the four traditional ingredients that were required for the recipe, cupcakes were referred to as "quarter cakes" or"1234 cakes". Those four traditional ingredients crucial for plain yellow cakes were Sugar, Flour, Butter, and Eggs. It's a more affordable and lighter counterpart to the pound cake.

As at the 21st century, cupcakes are now an inevitable part of birthday parties, especially that of kids. The small and personal size of these sweet cakes makes them appropriate for kids, having a cake that can fit into their palm. It wasn't long before the adult scene caught onto this viral demand for a personalized cake. After a hit HBO show popularized a Manhattan "cupcakery," market-driven cupcake joints popped up all throughout the globe. These treats went from youth and uncomplicated -oriented to age and epicure -unspecified within the shortest time.

The Better (Or "Batter") Cupcake

Cupcakes all comes in different shapes and sizes! We've seen them anywhere from bite-sized to mammoth. While they are always sweet, they are certainly not all the same texture, mouth feel, and richness. Cupcakes will vary in texture based on the ingredients, or batter used to bake these beauties. Let's consider some batters:

Butter Cupcakes

Most baked goods possess a fatty element of some sort. Ideally, the fat ingredient is butter or shortening. The butter cupcakes are obviously of the butter persuasion. The batter for butter cupcakes will be rich, as butter is a natural and rich fat. Butter is creamed with sugar and eggs and slowly blend with the flour mixture to create a dense and delicious cake.

Egg-Leavened Cupcakes

The egg-leavened cupcakes are without any fat element. Instead, they receive their volume from stiffly beaten egg whites. Think sponge or angel food cake. These cakes are of the lighter consistency, both texturally and about caloric intake.

One-Bowl Cupcakes

The name of these kinds of cupcakes should suggest the method for baking. With all ingredients in one bowl, the one-bowl cakes are made with shortening as the essential fat. The fat solids in shortening allow for the cupcakes to be mixed easily and well, producing an airy cupcake for the mindful eater.

Chiffon Cupcakes

The chiffon cupcakes are a delightful combination of butter and egg-leavened cupcakes. Utilizing both egg yolks and whites, in addition to the fat element of butter or shortening, the chiffon cupcakes are often used in the gourmet scene.

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