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Introducing Baked Craving’s AI Chatbot: Your New Companion!

Introducing Baked Craving’s AI Chatbot: Your New Companion!

Baked Cravings Embraces AI-powered Phone Calling and Chatbot Services


We at Baked Craving are dedicated to driving innovation within the industry, and we are happy to announce our latest feature that is meant to improve your experience – the AI chatbot and AI Goodcall. We should, however, let you know that even though it will be immensely helpful in streamlining your engagement with us, its abilities are still being trained by the team. In anything, we understand support is important, and that’s why we shall do everything possible during this period to provide answers to your queries.

What is AI Goodcall?

In addition to our chatbot, we are proud to introduce AI Goodcall. This advanced feature ensures that even if you prefer to speak with someone over the phone and our live agents are currently unavailable, AI Goodcall is there to assist you. Designed to handle your calls with efficiency and accuracy, AI Goodcall provides immediate support for your inquiries.

How to use AI Goodcall?

AI Goodcall can be utilized without any complexity. All you have to do is call the customer service line 646-590-3324 which is on the Baked Craving site or any of our official channels. When the phone rings, an automated welcome message is played back to you by the system. In case there are no agents present or if the operating hours have not yet begun, please feel free to leave a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

When you connect to AI Goodcall,it will inform you whether there are available agents and it will ask you what are your concerns, make sure you clearly explain why you’re calling. For example, you could say “I need help with my order” or “I want to know what time your store closes.” Then AI Goodcall responds to you according to what you asked for that could be information provision or help delivery. It can handle various topics like product descriptions, availability statuses and customer service.

When AI Goodcall needs more information to improve how it aids you then, expect it to ask additional questions. Ensure that you offer a lot of descriptions so that you can get the right help. After doing this, AI Goodcall will ask you if it is the best contact number to reach you again, and the live agent will call you back.

What is the Baked Craving AI Chatbot?

Our intelligent AI chatbot is a highly developed virtual assistant intended for helping you out in matters that concern you. If you need clarification on things that we offer or any facilitation in making up an order, our chatbot can do all that. It’s something close to having an informed Baked Craving team member around the clock.

Personalized Answers for Complex Queries

There are some questions which require a personal approach. If your question is personal; then our live agent can help out in no time. In case of unavailability please try our AI Goodcall, you no longer have to wait for a live agent to become available. You can receive the help you need at any time, making your interaction with Baked Craving more convenient and satisfactory.

Continuous Improvement

Our AI chatbot and AI Goodcall keeps on learning and improving. We appreciate your feedback and refine the chatbot’s capabilities with it. Since it is still under training, your interactions with it are the only way we can use it to identify areas that need enhancement. With increased skill, you will realize quicker and more precise responses hence making Baked Craving conversations smoother than ever.

How to Use the AI Chatbot

Using our AI chatbot is easy, just go to our website and look for the chat icon in the bottom corner of the screen, press it and you will be greeted by the chatbot that will lead you through all your queries because it is intuitive and user-friendly specifically designed for people who do not have experience with technology they will also find themselves having no problem using this chatbot.


With an AI chatbot, we are especially enthusiastic about the chance of it transforming your Baked Craving experience. We welcome you to give it a go hence contributing your views to us. This will enable us to get your feedback that is significant for developing and enhancing the chatbot further for it to serve you better than you anticipate.

At Baked Craving we strive to deliver you the highest possible customer service you deserve. The presence of our chatbot assistant is just an example out of numerous other things we are involved in to make sure the customers feel happy when they contact us. We welcome you on our journey!


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