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Cake Chronicles #3 renamed Craver Chronicles

Cake Chronicles #3 renamed Craver Chronicles

Ok Cravers, let begin.  

Why did we rename Cake Chronicles to Craver Chronicles? Well simply because we love our name and we do so many other products why just limit it to our custom cakes.  

Shhhh!!  We now have pretzels at the store and they are awesome! 

Ok, this one will be short and brief, we're all busy here on the wonderful 80 plus degree day in NYC.

Our client needs a fashion-forward cake for a party.  She wants a Chanel cake nothing too crazy but simple and elegant.   It's a surprise and we are all about that trust us.  

Originally the cake would have been a single layer 8" but we needed to do this right.  So after a consult with the client, we settled on a double layer cake with fondant and clean design.  


The client arrives to pick up the cake and her face lights up with joy. 


She lets us know thats why she keeps coming back because our customer service is exceptional and we do try our best to provide a wonderful experience.


After all, you should be able to have your cake and eat it too, as long as you share.

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