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Cake Chronicles #1

Cake Chronicles #1

Hey Cravers

      Welcome to the cake chronicles, where we share some of the compelling stories behind our awesome cakes!   Please feel free to share with friends through email, sharing on social and definitely word of mouth.  

August the 9th; we get a call from one of our valued cravers.  She lives several blocks away but this request is special.  For September the 1st  she needs a beautiful sheet cake for an anniversary and birthday party.  She would like the cake to have an image from the front of the flier for celebration.  No big deal for Baked Cravings!  We got you...okay the photo color on the edible image was not perfect; after a few go-arounds we settle on a lavender based image.  The cake would be ombre lavender.  BUT here is the twist, she needs the cake delivered to Bridgehampton, NY.  Can we make this happen?  Indeed.  

Our onsite cake designer Jen patiently waits.  Our executive baker whose on leave in Peru phones in to help Jen bake off the best tasting cake.  Jen follows the directions that Karla provides over WhatsApp to the TEE.  


We retrieve flowers for the cake given it the over the top effect.  

Now the real question is who's going to take this pretty baby to the Hamptons?  Craig signs up for the task and originally he thought the cake was to be delivered by 8 am on Sunday morning.  But the client calls and says "hey if you like its ok to bring the cake today".  Now as luck may have it, Craig is sitting in the kitchen printing off photo cookies for a fortune 500 client.  While not on the schedule for Saturday, Craig says this beats getting up  5 am to come to the store to retrieve the cake, so let's do it!

We find a perfect traveling kit,  Craig lines the box with cool shield thermal bubble wrap.  We sit the sheet cake inside its intended sheet cake box then place the sheet cake box inside the traveling kit box.  To keep the cake buttercream from melting on a 2-hour ride to the Hamptons we place two 16 ounce ice packs on the sides of the sheet cake box.  Tightly secure the box with tape to trap in the cool temp. 

Ok the journey begins, traffic is moving on this Saturday afternoon. Pulling up to the house Craig is greeted by the client and welcomed into the house.  After chatting with the host for several minutes and showing the cake which the client LOVED, he helped her place the beauty in the refrigerator.  The sheet cake will make its awaited debut Sunday evening.

The cake was a hit and everyone loved the design and taste.  We bake'em, You crave'em.







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