Mini Cupcakes (NYC only)

Enjoy Baked Cravings miniature size cupcake offerings.  Sold in dozens and perfect for any occasion.
  • Mini Vanilla Cupcakes (Dozen) - Baked Cravings

    Mini Vanilla Cupcakes (Dozen)

    The classic! Our luxurious update on this elegant dessert has extra Madagascar vanilla in both the cake and buttercream icing.  Vanilla Cake: Su...

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  • Mini Chocolate Cupcake (Dozen) - Baked Cravings

    Mini Chocolate Cupcake (Dozen)

    The winner for all chocolate lovers, our chocolate cupcakes have ganache incorporated in our cake and buttercream that will have you CRAVING to tak...

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  • Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes (Dozen) - Baked Cravings

    Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes (Dozen)

     Mini Red Velvet cupcake, a perfect little treat.

  • Mini Lemon Cupcakes (Dozen) - Baked Cravings

    Mini Lemon Cupcakes (Dozen)

     Mini Lemon Vanilla cupcake, a perfect little treat.