Cake Chronicles #2

Cake Chronicles #2

Hey Cravers

      Welcome to the cake chronicles, where we share some of the compelling stories behind our awesome cakes!   Please feel free to share with friends through email, sharing on social and definitely word of mouth.  

September 3rd (Tuesday)

Craig is sitting at the front counter of the store.  Checking emails, updating customers and planning for the week.  In walks a customer who needs a cake for her baby shower which has been moved up due to a change in the delivery day.

 When do you need the cake for?

 She responds “ I need for Saturday, September the 7th”. (We require 5 days advance notice).

 But we can make it happen.  What kind of cake would you like?  She has a faint idea but nothing specific.  A cake in the theme of an apple.  Craig collects here contact information so that the baker can contact her later in the day.  She also agrees to fill out our custom cake request form online later in the day which allows for the upload of photo’s that kind of gives the team some direction.


She works in the financial district and did mention to Craig that she would be in meetings all day.  Karla had no success in reaching her that Tuesday.  From all indications, this cake would require some form of fondant work.  FYI, fondant cakes require at least 1 day in prep.

Wednesday morning, we get our first view of the cake request form.  Karla reaches the client and the process begins.  She needs to pick up the cake on Saturday morning at 11:30 am.  Karla consults with Jen and they come up with a great cake Idea and the client loves it.    Like most weeks we have several cakes going out for delivery or pick up and this weekend proves to be no different.  

Karla bakes off an 8” triple layer red velvet cake.  The cake will have fondant exterior with an apple theme.  We learn the baby boy will be named “Bitz”.  The cake will have an apple on top with his name!  Red and white will be the colors of the exterior and a big red bow will adorn the base of the cake.  The outcome looks great, we close up shop on Friday night and can't wait to present the cake.

apple cake

Saturday arrives, Craig awaits the arrival of the client.  Up pulls a big black suburban and out comes the client and her assistant.  Craig was worried as he knew she wouldn’t be able to carry the cake.  She was expecting very soon!  He brings the cake upfront and presents.  She loves the cake just as Craig does.  The team did a great job!

The event was great and Baked Cravings was honored to be a part of the day.

  P.S as of this writing; baby boy Blitz has not arrived. 

The client was kind enough to leave a review which is greatly appreciated.  So many are quick to leave negative comments but genuine character shows when you spread positivity! 

P.S The apple cake can be custom made for you as well (Click Here)


We bake'em, You crave'em.

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